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Why is mindset important? 

We asked some of our BeOne Mindset Community what they thought and all though everyone has a different angle, we think you'll agree it's a key part of our lives.

Oli Dunn

Mindest for me is probably the most important discipline that us human beings should need to focus on in life. Our mindset or state of mind is fundamentally crucial to how are day goes and how are weeks and life flow (or not) When we are in a positive mindset / state then we will be far more likely to have a positive day. 

Kev O'Neil

Mindset for me is all about the glass half full scenario, taking the positives from shit situations and making good of what the mind is telling us in no good. Mindset is a way of life, i think it truly represents who you are as a person and as by definition a set of beliefs or perceptions you have about yourself. If you believe it enough you can do anything that any other human has done before you. Mindset is the foundation for mental and physical mastery and freedom from the imprints of your past. 

Adam Cox

Mindset to me is how your mind is programmed to help you achieve what you want. Its common to have a fixed mindset which restricts you and your decisions, where as its hould be the other way around and you telling your mind what is possible. 

Callum Bailey

I would define Mindset as the way you perceive the world and interpret that information (whether you see the ‘good’ in the bad for example) Our mindset can be what restricts us or pushes us to our limits. 


I am learning that mindset is the foundation of pretty much everything - everyday life, living, tasks, relaxing, learning - it all hinges on your mindset. You have the choice, you create your own outlook. If its not working for you, its not set in stone, tweak that mindset and small changes can bring massive benefits. 

Sophie Mellor

Mindset to me is how I think and react to different situations, i try and have a positive mindset on most things in life and try and make the most of everything. Sometimes if i dont want to do something i iknow i need to, i have a little word with myself and change my mind to ‘I am doing it’. 

Anthony Pratt

Mindset in my opinion is to believe in myself to achieve the goals I want to achieve and push myself to achieve these goals. 

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Tom Edwards

Mindset to me is like a switch in your brain. When you really want something you will switch this on and give it everything to achieve it. With the correct mindset you really can have anything. 

Lyndsey Norris 

Mindset to me is exactly what it says… to set my mind in the way i want it to be. Its ‘my’ mind, no one else controls it unless i allow them too. I suffer with anxiety or should I say ‘i did’ suffer with anxiety but since listening to coaches like Ben Eastwood my life has turned around. I’m Happy, confident, and most of all proud of who I am. I’ve let go of the past and live in the moment. Without a positive mindset i would be anxious, miserable and constantly worrying about what people think of me but instead i choose the total opposite because I can. 

Janet Evans 

Mindset for me is staying focussed and reacting positively to life. Its about being confident and committed to my goals and picking myself up when things dont go quite right or dont turn out how id envisaged tehy would. Mindset is being honest and open with yourself and not letting negativity creep in. I remove myself from people or situations that are going to have a negative impact on my life. I wake up each day looking forward to good things happening. 

Chris Hammond

Mindset for me is the attitude you apply to any activity or situation, like a muscle it can be trained and it can be a big differentiator between being good or great at something.