Team BeOne Mindset

With a shared vision for using technology to help provide people with practical tips tricks and ideas on how to help people live a happier and healthier life, Ben and Liam founded BeOne Mindset. 

We help individuals learn about, and implement methods and practices into their life. With a focus on creating a positive impact on mental, emotional and physical well-being that leads to an ambitious, driven and positive mindset.

In a busy complicated world, BeOne Mindset provides the platform for you to take control of the one thing you can, you!

Because when you feel empowered and positive, it leads to a healthier, happier life

Who are we?

Ben - BeOne Mindset Director

Mindset and Self-Development coach

Ben holds a diploma in psychology, personal training and Cognitive behavioural therapy. He own's a large successful gym in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Ben founded BeOne through the changes he himself made in life. To change his life taking him from an extremely negative mental and emotional place to an extremly positive one. A lot of the self-development work Ben has done on himself has gone into the fundamentals of BeOne Mindset.

Liam - BeOne Mindset Director 

E-commerce and Content Strategist  

Liam is a learning technologist with over 10 years experience developing learning resources for a national training provider. With qualifications in teaching and assessing, complimenting his passion for technology and helping people.

Christine - BeOne Relationships manager

Christine was a teacher for 10 years working in key stage one, before that Christine supported children with disabilities. Christine gave up work to be a full time carer for her beautiful daughter Evie who has complex needs. Christine has struggled with her mental health at different points in her life, also tragically losing her brother to suicide. Christine tried counselling and CBT which didn’t give her the long term help she was looking for. She got in contact with Ben and completed the BeOne course which completely changed her life for the better, so much so she became BeOne’s Relationship Manager to help others in similar situations. Christine is our very own superwoman and an absolute inspiration to us here at BeOne and has helped us grow and connect with amazing people and organisations. 

Who we work with 

We know that by ourselves we can't do it all, so we are proud to work with expert coaches and organisations to provide our community with the best resources possible. 

BeOne Coaches 

As well as the core BeOne Team, we are proud to work with coaches from across a range of sectors to deliver our full range of self-development programs. 

Charlotte - Moon Child Yoga 

Hi I’m Charlotte, Moonchild Yoga on Instagram
I am excited to be a part of the BEONE MINDSET TEAM
I have created two sets of 8 week video’s

The first is an introduction to quieten your mind, which holds a variety of exercises to do just that.. Quieten your mind.
Each week we work through different techniques that I have pulled together to share with you.

The second is stretching, based on the principles of yoga, movement and breath aligned together but a really gentle introduction to stretching suitable for everybody.

I have worked as a Yoga Teacher in Manchester for Adults, Teens and Children for 6 years.

I offer many workshops, retreats and moon ceremonies teaching and inspiring people to follow the moon, align with the seasons and learn more about their lives through Astrology.

I offer Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation and Yoga Nidra Classes along with 1-2-1 coaching from a holistic astrology based ethos incorporating all of my

I read Tarot Cards, suggest Psychomagick, read Astrology Birth Charts and much more……

You can find me howling at the moon along with my dog Hades and taking deep breaths parenting my crew Sean and Edie x

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Fran - zest4living 

A qualified Nutritionist, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Life Coach.

Fran boasts over 20 years experience as well as post-graduate level coaching and corporate mentoring.

When Fran isn't coaching or delivering workshops, she spends time with her family and often volunteers for Shout.

To qualify as a Shout Volunteer Fran completed 25 hours of training in communication, active listening, and problem-solving skills that are valued by employers and learning institutions to become a shout voluenteer.

View Fran's Courses

Matt - The Hacked Gym

A qualified Personal Trainer Matt has made a name for himself by sharing everyday exercise tip and tricks.

With his Hacked Gym, Matt also shares his deep knowledge with his podcast of the same name. 

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Want to know more?

Listen to the ‘Goin' In Deep’ podcast that Ben co-hosts. Although the audio isn't the best, in this episode Ben shares more details of his journey to becoming a Mindset Coach. 

Or subscribe to our BeOne podcast to receive tips, tricks and advice on how to tune up your mindset

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Below are some testimonials and feedback from people who have taken a course or are part of our mindset membership. 

Channan - Mindset Member

I'm feeling good! I have focus! I have support!

"I’ve always been one of those people that ‘has all the gear and no idea’. I knew I wanted change, sometimes even knew what I had to do to make such changes. However something has always held me back. I never quite managed to get over the finish line. Whether that be a habit, a course I had taken, exercise etc.
Then not so long ago after contact with Ben I jumped onto this course/group thinking ‘ah yeah this will be good’ secretly thinking inside that I’d have left or give up within a month. 
How wrong was I! I’m still here and thriving. The work/input/direction/support to name a few things that this group has to offer is next level. Some of the tasks heightened my weaknesses which I won’t lie felt difficult. But with the support and knowledge and will power I managed to push through and start to actually see the other side. 
Im feeling good! I have focus! I have support! I have knowledge! I feel driven, ready, encouraged, confident and excited. I’ve implemented so many changes some only small but nether the less they have all made some kind of positive imapact on my life.
This isn’t a quick fix. This is real, raw, and will possibly test you. Also YOU have to do the work. But it’s oh so worth it! I’m here for the long haul. 
If there’s anyone else like me and wants to explore/expand and gain priceless knowledge. Or are even just curious as to what this group can do for you then get onto it! 
Cannot thank you enough. The team and the community. It’s hard to show appreciation but I hope you get a glimpse from the massive progress I have made. We’ve got this team!

Eileen -  Mindset Member

No judgement, no hassle, just honest and down to earth conversations with people who are on the path with you to achieve their best lives.

"The BeOne community group, just brill.

For something as great as this to have been created from the ideas of one man’s aim to help people navigate their lives is amazing. A group of people now have the opportunity to receive advice, guidance, reassurance and enthusiasm at our fingertips.

No judgement, no hassle, just honest and down to earth conversations with people who are on the path with you to achieve their best lives. It’s like your circle of friends grew overnight but with a trust grown over years."

Jan - Mindset Member

Interesting, innovative, supportive, motivational, challenging and Fun!

"To be honest, I really was a little unsure of what I was letting myself in for when I joined but at the time I was in a state of overwhelm and saw this opportunity as a way forward.

So glad I did!

Both Ben and Liam have a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in their respective areas.

I have found them both to be non- judgemental and supportive in their responses to me. 

They are both honest in sharing their journey and make it obvious that being part of this community isn't about 'them' and 'everyone else' but a community of us all and all our experiences are valuable.

Being a part of the BEONE community has really helped me break down, focus and start moving forward with some of my goals. I have been helped to identify some of my limiting beliefs that had been adding to my procrastination.

There is still much work to be done but I feel like I have come a good way over the past 5 weeks. 

There is much encouragement to aim big while celebrating the small actions and how good that makes me feel to have acted on something!

So far this course has helped  me become more reflective, focused and given me the tools and ideas to think and act on where I want to be.

BE_ONE community?

Interesting, innovative, supportive, motivational, challenging and Fun!

Thanks guys"