The BeOne Vision

We help individuals learn about, and implement methods and practices into their life. With a focus on creating a positive impact on mental, emotional and physical well-being that leads to an ambitious, driven and positive mindset.

In a busy complicated world, BeOne Mindset provides the platform for you to take control of the one thing you can, you!

Because when you feel empowered and positive, it leads to a healthier, happier life

Why BeOne Mindset Courses? 

This platform of online courses and communities focusing on mindset has been created to share the learnings, experiences and discoveries Ben his made on his own personal journey of self-discovery and mastering his mind. 

Ben Eastwood - the UK’s leading ‘New Age’ Mindset and Self Development coach has spent years learning and implementing tools and techniques to help him and others on their own personal development.

Ben is here to support you on your own journey of self-discovery, through short actionable courses or through weekly teachings. 

If you are keen to learn more about Ben, you can find him on various social media platforms, or check out his website. 


Want to know more?

Listen to the Goin' In Deep podcast that ben co-hosts. Although the audio isn't the best, in this episode Ben shares more details of his journey to becoming a Mindset Coach. 

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Below are some testimonials and feedback from people who have taken a course or are part of our mindset membership. 

I'm feeling good! I have focus! I have support!

"I’ve always been one of those people that ‘has all the gear and no idea’. I knew I wanted change, sometimes even knew what I had to do to make such changes. However something has always held me back. I never quite managed to get over the finish line. Whether that be a habit, a course I had taken, exercise ect 
Then not so long ago after contact with Ben I jumped onto this course/group thinking ‘ah yeah this will be good’ secretly thinking inside that I’d have left or give up within a month. 
How wrong was I! I’m still here and thriving. The work/input/direction/support to name a few things that this group has to offer is next level. Some of the tasks heightened my weaknesses which I won’t lie felt difficult. But with the support and knowledge and will power I managed to push through and start to actually see the other side. 
Im feeling good! I have focus! I have support! I have knowledge! I feel driven, ready, encouraged, confident and excited. I’ve implemented so many changes some only small but nether the less they have all made some kind of positive imapact on my life: 
This isn’t a quick fix. This is real, raw, will possibly test you. And YOU have to do the work. But it’s oh so worth it! I’m here for the long haul. 
If there’s anyone else like me and wants to explore/expand and gain priceless knowledge. Or are even just curious as to what this group can do for you then get onto it! 
Cannot thank you enough. The team and the community. It’s hard to show appreciation but I hope you get a glimpse from the massive progress I have made. We’ve got this team! πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ”βœŒπŸΌπŸ–€"

Channan - Mindset Member

Interesting, innovative, supportive, motivational, challenging and Fun!

"To be honest, I really was a little unsure of what I was letting myself in for when I joined but at the time I was in a state of overwhelm and saw this opportunity as a way forward.

So glad I did!

Both Ben and Liam have a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in their respective areas.

I have found them both to be non- judgemental and supportive in their responses to me. 

They are both honest in sharing their journey and make it obvious that being part of this community isn't about 'them' and 'everyone else' but a community of us all and all our experiences are valuable.

Being a part of the BEONE community has really helped me break down, focus and start moving forward with some of my goals. I have been helped to identify some of my limiting beliefs that had been adding to my procrastination.

There is still much work to be done but I feel like I have come a good way over the past 5 weeks. 

There is much encouragement to aim big while celebrating the small actions and how good that makes me feel to have acted on something!

So far this course has helped  me become more reflective, focused and given me the tools and ideas to think and act on where I want to be.

BE_ONE community?

Interesting, innovative, supportive, motivational, challenging and Fun!

Thanks guys"

Jan - Mindset Member

No judgement, no hassle, just honest and down to earth conversations with people who are on the path with you to achieve their best lives.

"The BeOne community group, just brill.

For something as great as this to have been created from the ideas of one man’s aim to help people navigate their lives is amazing. A group of people now have the opportunity to receive advice, guidance, reassurance and enthusiasm at our fingertips.

No judgement, no hassle, just honest and down to earth conversations with people who are on the path with you to achieve their best lives. It’s like your circle of friends grew overnight but with a trust grown over years."
Eileen -  Mindset Member