Be  to make positive change happen!    


Are you 'too busy' to make your life more positive?  

In this busy world, it can be easy to let life happen to us, we take career decisions for convenience, we put off pursuing what we're passionate about because of 'what others may say' or worse still be so distracted by things that aren't really important instead of finding focus on what it is we really want out of life.

Don't just want change, make it happen!    

With 92% of people failing to achieve a goal they set, it's likely that without a plan, you will fail. Instead, let's find a focus and plan for obstacles that would normally stop you from becoming the 8% of people that realise their ambition. 

BeOne Mindset is designed to help you pursue your passions in 3 simple steps.

Through our online platform, we provide access to on-demand talks and tasks and access to a supportive and judgement-free community group and workshops. Providing you with the tools you need to become aware of what is negatively affecting you, and how to apply coping mechanisms or transitional methods to remove the negative and enhance the positives.

The ‘BeOne Way (Step 1) is our foundational package, aiming to help you understand and lower feelings associated with a lack of control in life. So if you feel like you need to reduce emotions such as: ‘overwhelm, stress, worry, anxiety, anger’, then the BeOne Way is a great place to start.  Through our blueprint, we give you methods to construct a structure to design your life in a way that gives you empowerment.

By building your foundation and creating positive emotions such as: ‘contentment, satisfaction, pride, joy, motivation and purpose’.

We then cover key mental and physical tools you can use to suit your lifestyle helping you to have a healthier body and mind.

But don't feel like you are alone, our BeOne Focus Group (Step 2) is here to support you on your journey, as part of a positive community, continue to provide a positive environment giving progressive advice, perspectives and the opportunity to support each other in a non-judgemental and encouraging environment.

When you have a firm focus on what and how you are looking to change, you're ready for BeOne’s Core Course (Step 3).

Aimed to help you find purpose and set goals by establishing an ambitious mindset.

Out tasks and courses help you to look at areas of your life you want to improve.

We help you discover how to set bigger goals and direct yourself to take action toward a future you want and deserve.

Ultimately the root of BeOne is helping you be happy with who you are, becoming one with yourself (BeOne)

To find self-worth, self-belief and self-esteem and discover purpose in yourself and your life by having the control to feel in a positive place thus sparking the light inside to want the most out of life you can.


Step 1

BeOne Way

Our BeOne Foundation

  • Transitioning from feelings of: overwhelm, worry, sense of loss or lack of direction, low motivation, low mood or sporadic mood swings, depression, anxiety and isolation
  • All the above stem from a lack of control and from the effects of life (when you are letting life affect you)
  • BeOne is aimed at creating a sense of empowerment for an individual
  • A real sense of pride in who they are
  • Finding self-worth, self-esteem, and belief in what they can have and do in this world
  • The higher percent of people on this planet are not happy with who they are deep down
  • BeOne is about helping you become one with yourself (BeOne) and find who you really are, and want to be
  • This creates an energy for life that leads into BeOne’s Step 3
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Step 2

BeOne Focus Group

Accountability and Support


What are you feeding your brain and how are you staying accountable?


To create change in our lives we need to set our environment, this is through both the people we interact with and the information we consume.  

By changing your environment you are able to supercharge your mindset allowing you to feel more positive and move towards your goals faster. 


That's why we created our BeOne Focus Group - a supportive non-judgemental space for you to thrive in. 


  • A supportive non-judgemental space
  • Exclusively curated content 
  • Access to our mindset toolbox
  • Guest speakers
  • Weekly accountability


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Step 3

Core Course

Ambition driven


If you have created a strong foundation of:


  • Awareness of yourself
  • Awareness of negative patterns and how to avoid or address them
  • A structure of/for your life 
  • An understanding of how to prioritize, time manage and direct mental focus 
  • A systemised way of personally tracking and overviewing their week to week lifestyle 


You can then push on to create a clear vision of where they wish to get to with goals that will drive positivity and pride into their life.




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Most people fail, because they just look for motivation, to become your best self you must TAKE ACTION

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