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Introducing our signature 10 week programme 

This is your way to find and become the person you want to be 

Over the 10 weeks you will learn the BeOne principles and techniques to live more positively, whilst being prepared to overcome the challenges life can bring

Our easy to use online learning platform, allows you to access your resources at a time and place that suits you

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Including a personalized BeOne phone app

We provide you with a copy of your own BeOne Mindset app

We know that life is busy and we want you to succeed with daily progress

So when you are presented with life's successes and challenges, our app allows you to track your progress and identify areas of your life that prevent you from from becoming the best version of you

What makes us different?

We coach how to strengthen your ability to control your ‘thoughts, emotions and behaviour’ in negative situations through a range of techniques and tools we provide.


Through our course you will develop yourself in different areas both internally and externally. This will lead you to living a more positive and empowered life


With mental health a rising issue - Self and personal development surely should be a huge priority to help us think and feel better about ourselves and our lives

10 weeks to change your life!

Our 10 week programme will help you to transform  your life with the combination of self-paced resources.  Along side the BeOne core mindset principles and the use of the tools found within the BeOne app will let you progress in your own time. We are proud to bring you additional expert guided sessions delivered by specialised coaching pockets in a wide range of areas. 

Our coaching pockets have been designed by coaches in their specialist areas and are all aimed at improving mental and physical well being

📅 Week 1 Begins with our core BeOne Principles. Alongside setting up your app, you will begin to implement your own mindset and self-development transformation 

✨ 8 Weeks of expert led topics, including: 

  • Movement and exercise
  • Nutrition 
  • Quieting the mind and meditation 
  • Yoga 
  • Sleep 
  • Breathwork 

🧰 Plus a range of coping mechanisms ‘tools’ to help people understand and learn more around emotions, thoughts and behaviours which when implemented is life transformative

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We provide different forms of material to watch, listen or read and the coaches are all part of the Focus group to aid and support

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The BeOne members ‘Focus Group’ is a private members community group aimed at delivering and creating a positive and non judgment free space to learn and share valuable information and additional online support through us and our coaches. 

After the 10 weeks you can continue with us, for ongoing support in the focus group with updated tools and also the continuation of the BeOne app. 


We are currently working with organisation, charities, businesses and this is also available to purchase as a public individual wanting to make a positive shift in life. 

If interested please leave your details below and we will be in touch with more information


But, to help keep you motivated and accountable, we also offer access to our exclusive online community - enabling you to ask questions and attend live workshops.

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