Together we can make a positive impact to the workforce statistics in the Stockport and Greater Manchester Area

7,100 people

in our  community are suffering with long term sickness

51% of this down to mental health

according to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

BeOne Mindset CIC is proud to be backed, approved and working with those seeking to provide a positive solution to their workforce and staff.

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Together we are working to build a better community, but what's in it for you, as an employer?

  • A great perk that can be offered as part of your employee package to attract great talent
  • Retention of staff and reduced recruitment costs
  • With a more driven workforce, you will achieve higher productivity
  • Less absence and employees with increased self-worth¬†

Focusing on wellbeing amongst the workforce, this multidimensional mindset and wellness programme supports people to improve their mental and physical wellbeing with the overall aim to lead a positive progressive life, and for employers, a more productive workforce as a result of improved wellbeing. This programme aims to benefit engage with people across multiple platforms including, in person and virtual workshops, additional digital resources and platform to accessibility.

Our aim is to help people live in a better state of mental and physical well being. Because, if you ...

"Take Care Of Your Employees 

They Will Take Care Of Your Business"

Richard Branson


Introducing The BeOne Way

Over our 10 week program people benefit from expert led support in different areas of their life, that compliment our core BeOne Mindset and Self-Development Principles

Available as and when it’s needed

With access any time, either online or via our app, individuals can login and choose the specific areas they want to focus on, helping each individual to improve and help their wellbeing at their own pace, in their own comfortable environment.

We offer a flexible solution, enabling people to access tools, expert information and support online. 

Empowering each individual in taking control and improving their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Support us whilst investing in a Happier, Healthier more Proactive employee

BeOne Mindset is here to help you offer support to your staff, in and out of the workplace, whilst taking care of our community.

Personal Awareness

Understand how to process and respond to emotions

Higher levels of resilience

Be aware of and manage negative thinking

More Productive

Improved time management, more energy and focus

Prioritising Health

Reducing absences and increased self-worth

More Motivated 

Empowering people to better themselves and living with more self-esteem and drive 

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