The Best Version of You??

Jul 11, 2021

Guy's all though this is and has been a massive part of the 7 day power up. (reviewed every evening - "how have i been, acted, thought, behaved inline with this best version?"


The 'Best version of you'

I wanted to drop this in the general feed because i want to continue work and help on understanding, refining and evolving this as the weeks progress and this community grows... 


Yesterday I asked Oli Dunn to send me a video talking about the best version of himself...

"What is the best version of Oli Dunn..."


I'd eventually love for you to be able not to only write this down, but also be able to say it in front of camera (not for anyone else but yourself) 

The empowerment and self esteem that will show you to be able to clearly state and speak the best version of you, i next level mindset and belief....

The true power of this exercise is you are telling yourself 

(Your subconscious mind which is the part of the brain that stores your memories and so is the 'auto you' at the moment....)

To change and evolve as you are saying who you are now as you know who you want to be.....


If you have had a barrier in writing down and thinking about the best version of you... 

The limiting patterns and programmed thoughts are the issue..

- Judging yourself
- Low self esteem 
- Lack of belief in that you can be the person you want to write down and express 

These are just a few, others lean towards not feeling you don't 'deserve' to be the best you, or that you never could be :( 


As a mindset coach I am going to dissect Oli's video and show the key parts that i feel you can harness and understand to provide you with a base to work off.


Each day I've asked you review the day and not only look at the
 word for that day and where you have or have implemented it....

But also to think about the best version of you..

Have you lived that today??!!  


The version of you good or bad leads your decisions, your thoughts, actions and behaviours which pave the way for your direction in life.  

So I hope you can see the importance of designing the 'true you' you want to live and be?!


A hell of a lot more to come on this but for now, 

Has 'your' best version been as explanatory as the below?!


If you went back at it today can you add, refine and evolve?!


Thanks Oli, as always much appreciated and I love the fact that Oli even took a lot from doing this exercise for himself!!!

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