Our Vision

BeOne has a strong alignment with helping individuals who feel lost in life. Because many of us……

  • Struggle for direction 
  • Feel a lack of purpose 
  • Let negative beliefs, habits and behaviours generally lead our life

We at BeOne have personal, lived experience of this negativity in life.

But we also experience of what applying our methods can positively have on your life.

This is where and what BeOne was formed for. 

"Any change is possible"

An understanding that environments and people play a large part in effecting your life is key to address. But more so the fact that the individual them-self  has to find courage to make change

BeOne helps in both these areas by proven self development learning to help you understand 'you and your life more'.

A BeOne Philosophy 

"Take control of the one thing in life you can.. 'you'."


All of our coaching is designed to be continued in life independently by the individual.

This gives them, ultimate control and power of their life. 

Our role at BeOne is to coach the individual to understand how to utilise the tools and techniques and to be able to continue to use these going forward by themselves as a life system to follow for a positive, empowering lifestyle.


"The root of BeOne Mindset is helping an individual make the choices themselves"


By doing this they are finding self-worth, self belief and self-esteem through these decisions.

This leads to a new found sense of purpose in themselves and their life and having the control to feel in a positive place thus sparking the light inside to want the most out of life they can get.  



Our Impact

Through your journey with BeOne we have life score cards which help you gain perspective on:

Where you life has been (past) 

Where you currently are (present)

Where / how you would like your life to be (future) 

These score cards also utilise a bespoke defining aspect where the individual can see how they are progressing. 

For some individuals they may need to find stability.

Others may have that and be on to pursuing dreams and goals.

These two critical outcomes are showing they are having a postive effect by their life not regressing or heading in a negative direction

Rather the information, tools and methods learnt through BeOne helps them stabilise and positively impact their life. 

Measuring Our Impact 

Evaluation of our work.

This is done through an individual monitoring and number grading key life areas.

These areas will have a reason/description written by the individual to describe or explain their rating.

This task will be done at specific checkpoints to ensure the correct progression and help create awareness around issues that have prevented progression which need addressing.

With this process, anyone that hasn't progressed can utilise the specific BeOne tools and methods to evaluate why they have regressed or been negatively effected and then change, create and implement steps to ensure they then progress the way they want.

Workshops are regularly put on so that any areas highlighted that are having a negative impact, BeOne would put on live/interactive sessions to help aid in delivering information to help and methods / ways of getting past and coping/dealing with any barrier in future circumstances.

From this evaluation task, we are looking for either stabilisation of ratings in areas that were declining or a positive progression in areas where stability had been found.

This shows the individual is in control and living living an empowering life to themself

How to work with us

We work with a range of organisations to support their staff or clients. To discuss how we can help, including pricing and how to apply for funding, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch. 

Please note, we can support you with understanding how to apply for funding, but not apply for it on your behalf.