Our Vision

Helping individuals learn and implement methods into their life that create a positive impact on their mental, emotional and physical well being leading to an ambitious, driven and a positive mindset.

The root of BeOne Mindset is helping an individual be happy with who they are, becoming one with themselves and finding self-worth, self belief and self-esteem. Finding purpose in themselves and their life and having the control to feel in a positive place thus sparking the light inside to want the most out of life they can.  

When you take control of the one thing you can, ‘you

You feel empowered and positive leading to a healthier, happier life.

How We Achieve This

Through our online platform, we provide access to on-demand talks and tasks, access to supportive and judgement-free community group and workshops. Providing individuals with the tools they need to become aware of what is negatively affecting them, and how to apply coping mechanisms or transitional methods to remove the negative and enhance the positives.

We want our ‘BeOne Way(Tier 1) foundational package to help people lower feelings associated with a lack of control in life. Which creates emotions such as: ‘overwhelm, stress, worry, anxiety, anger’ are aim then is to show, coach and give methods to construct a structure from our blueprint that allows them to design their life in a way that gives them empowerment.

This then creates positive emotions such as: ‘contentment, satisfaction, pride, joy, motivation and purpose’.

We have applied key mental and physical tools to be introduced specifically to suit the individual's lifestyle that are key to having a healthier body and mind.

The BeOne Focus Group group is to support individuals to feel a part of a positive community, we give progressive advice, perspectives and the opportunity for the members to post and support each other in a non-judgemental and encouraging environment.

Once an individual has taken a firm grip on the structure and control of their life and is feeling in a positive mental and physical state.

We then introduce BeOne’s Core Course (Tier 2),

The aim here is to help individuals find purpose and goals through establishing an ambitious mindset.

Out tasks and courses help. an individual look at areas of their life they want to improve further.

We help them discover how to set bigger goals and direct themselves and take action to a future they want and deserve.

Ultimately the root of BeOne is helping an individual be happy with who they are, becoming one with themselves (BeOne)

To find self-worth, self-belief and self-esteem and discover purpose in themselves and their life by having the control to feel in a positive place thus sparking the light inside to want the most out of life they can.

Our Impact

Through out your journey with BeOne we have life score cards which help you gain perspective on:

Where you life has been (past) 

Where you currently are (present)

Where / how you would like your life to be (future) 

These score cards also utilise a bespoke defining aspect where the individual can see how they are progressing. 

For some individuals they may need to find stability 

Others may have that and be on to pursuing dreams and goals 

These two critical outcomes are showing they are having a postive effect by there life not regressing or heading in a negative direction

Rather the information, tools and methods through BeOne has helped them stabilise and positively impact their life 

Measuring Our Impact 

Evaluation of our work.

This is done through an individual monitoring and number grading key life areas.

These will have a reason/description written by the individual to describe or explain their rating.

This task will be done at specific checkpoints to ensure the correct progression and help create awareness around issues that have prevented progression which need addressing 

With this process, anyone that hasn't progressed can utilise the specific BeOne tools and methods to evaluate why they have regressed or been negatively effected and then change, create and implement steps to ensure they then progress the way they want

Workshops are regularly put on so any areas highlighted that are having a negative impact BeOne would put on live/interactive sessions to help aid in delivering informstion to help and methods / ways of getting past and coping/dealing with any barrier in future circumstances.

From this evaluation task, we are looking for either stabilisation of ratings in areas that were declining or a positive progression in areas where stability had been found.

This shows the individual is in control and living living an empowering life to themself

A BeOne Philosophy 

Both the BeOne way (Tier 1) and our core course (Tier 2)

Are designed to be continued in life independently by the individual.

Giving them, ultimate control and power of their life. 

Our role at BeOne is to coach the individual to understand how to utilise the tools and techniques and to be able to use these going forward by themselves as a life system to follow for a positive, empowering lifestyle.

Once an individual has learnt and implemented the BeOne way with success

They have the opportunity of venturing into the other BeOne courses, where we work further into developing ambition for goals in different areas of life.

The community group and access to updated implementations will stay available as part of a BeOne Mindset package



Tier 1

BeOne Way

Our BeOne Foundation

  • Transitioning from feelings of: overwhelm, worry, sense of loss or lack of direction, low motivation, low mood or sporadic mood swings, depression, anxiety and isolation
  • All the above stem from a lack of control and from the effects of life (when you are letting life affect you)
  • BeOne is aimed at creating a sense of empowerment for an individual
  • A real sense of pride in who they are
  • Finding self worth, self esteem, and belief in what they can have and do in this world
  • The higher percent of people on this planet are not happy with who they are deep down
  • BeOne is about helping an individual become one with themselves (BeOne) and find who they really are, and want to be
  • This creates an energy for life that leads into BeOne’s Tier 2
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BeOne’s Tier One is about understanding and implementing ways to take control of your life. 


“There is one thing you are able to control and that is yourself, but this requires self awareness and self development”

Most people struggle to take control of themselves as they let life consume them which causes feelings such as overwhelm, stress, anxiety, worry all leading causes in depression or lack of motivation and drive in life. . 

From bad behaviors and bad habits to the way people can negatively think and feel, life has ‘created a way for them’ insead of the other way around. 

Past and current experiences, memories, current environments and individuals all can have a negative impact and can trigger negative patterns. 

These are all ‘out of your control’ other than you taking yourself away or understanding how to deal with them, which is xasomething we coach through self development tasks in BeOne’s Tier 1

What the individual can do is create the way they think, feel and act, and also decide the environments they want to be in, also the people you want to be around. 

By understanding more about yourself and what is affecting your life… 

  • Your values in life, what you focus your time mostly on
  • your main priorities, your thought patterns
  • what emotionally affects you
  • how you feel day to day

All of these things can be understood and transitioned by you to lead a more positive life. 

The BeOne Way is a foundation programme aimed at helping an individual create awareness of their life and use the BeOne tools to structure every aspect so that ‘life works for them’ - in the way they truly want it to.

Tier 2

Core Course

Tier two is ambition driven

Now an individual has created a strong foundation of:


  • Awareness of themselves
  • Awareness of negative patterns and how to avoid or address them
  • A structure of / for their life 
  • An understanding of how to prioritize, time manage and direct mental focus 
  • A systemised way of personally tracking and overviewing their week to week lifestyle 


They can then push on to create a clear vision of where they wish to get to with goals that will drive positivity and pride into their life.

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BeOne’s Tier Two is about understanding priorities  and going after a goal/ ambition


Through the evaluation process

BeOne's 'Perspective Task'

The rating and defining system used, creates targets / goals to work towards.

Once an individual sets a high rating, and writes out what this would look like

They have inadvertently created a clear goal to work towards.

They then utilise the BeOne courses to structure a process in order to achieve the goals set.

With any goals set in life they can hit barriers and create unwanted feeling.

Thankfully because they have first put into place the power of BeOne Tier 1 system

They now understand their emotions and thoughts and are able to not only cope with these negative barriers but also utilise methods that transition these into ways of staying on track with their goals and new focus in life.

The outcome is a stronger, more resilient and driven person.

Leading a positive and ambitious life whilst having structured it in a way where they are in control and continue to implement aspects into their life that improve their health and wellness.


BeOne is also working on a free mental health course

To reduce ‘crisis’ situations where people feel desperate and extremely low.

We hope this specific BeOne course would give people the tools to stop themselves getting to those points.

Early intervention is key. And this course will be aimed at both individuals who feel this way themself and also individuals that are trying to help someone in this situation

How to work with us

We work with a range of organisations to support their staff or clients. To discuss how we can help, including pricing and how to apply for funding, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch. 

Please note, we can support you with understanding how to apply for funding, but not apply for it on your behalf.