How to keep going & stay motivated with Matt Skinner from the Hacked Gym | Mindset Tune Up Episode 1

Listen back to the first episode of the BeOne Mindset Tune Up Show, hosted on the BeOne YouTube channel. (

On this show, we dive deep into the mindset of guests to help share valuable tips on how to 'tune up' and develop a stronger, more positive and empowering Mindset

Our first guest Matt Skiner from Houston I, Texas, USA. Matt is the father of 6 amazing kids, and has been married to his high school crush, Penny for 25 years.

Matt has a Masters of Business Degree from Baylor University focused on Organisational Strategy Personally, Matt has always been athletically inclined. He participated in multiple sports at both high school and collegiate levels. But, as with many of us, life pulled him away from his fitness pursuits for a time and his health and mental state suffered.

Through a New Years Resolution in January of 2018, Matt committed to change and return to his athletic roots. He dropped over 60 pounds in 6 months, built a home gym through COVID lockdowns, and began sharing the tips, tricks, and hacks he's learned along the way on Instagram as The Hacked Gym to help others reach their fullest fitness potential.

Professionally, Matt has worked in the environmental field for about 20 years. His environmental restoration designs have been utilised on thousands of projects such as wildfires, hazardous waste sites, mining operations, and alternative energy projects. He has a deep passion for protecting the environment and loves to spend time outdoors fishing and swimming.

A man with much experience and ambition in life, an unbelievable work ethic, and as the show is themed a Winning Mindset!

Tune in to discover more and hopefully take away some valuable information to help you take new perspectives to lead a more positive and empowering life Matt can be found on If you want to learn more about BeOne visit for free and paid exercises and tasks that can help you tune your mindset into a winning mentality.